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DEN - Rocky Mountain - AlmRosi for Fondue and Raclette


Spice Preparation, Premium Quality – (88.24€/1kg) 

Roadtrip from Denver to Aspen – Skiing with friends
The former silver mining town fascinates with its beautiful old town and many Victorian-style houses. Fantastic descents through untouched powder snow in the lonely scenery of the Rocky Mountains. When the lifts close, the AlmRosi beckons with breathtaking views of the Aspen Highlands and the Maroon Bells. A cheese fondue and a hut party provide the necessary fun. A culinary specialty at 2400 meters above sea level.

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DEN - Rocky Mountain - AlmRosi for Fondue and Raclette - spice preparation, premium quality


Pepper, sea salt, onion, nutmeg, garlic, cane sugar,
pink berries, chili


May contain traces of gluten, peanuts, sesame seeds, mustard, nuts and celery.

Average nutrition facts per 100g

Energy: 1498kJ (357kcal); Fat 8.7g; Carbohydrates 55g; Protein 9.2g


175ml / 85gr