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The story

behind Fliegerlust

Hello, I am Petra, the founder of Fliegerlust. I want to invite you on a culinary adventure with my Fliegerlust spice tins. I'm pleased to bring the flavours I’ve experienced and packed for you in many wonderful places around the world to your home.

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Since 30 years

around the world

For more than 30 years, the world has been my home as a senior flight attendant. I love to travel in order to meet people, see other cultures and especially discover culinary delights from all over the world. The world is so colorful and exciting. That's why I enjoy being constantly on the move to explore new things.

Throughout the years I traveled many amazing countries and discovered spectacular as well as unique cities. I took home some unforgettable dishes of restaurants in these beautiful cities and countries to cook for my family and friends as well. In doing so, I always loved to use many wonderful spices, because they are what make the food come alive.

The Idea

with the tins

So I started repackaging my spices in tins, but the tins didn't really suit me. They were too boring to me. And they didn't spread the joy of life that I feel on my travels and also otherwise in my life. The tins had to be more colorful, more individual, simply unique - just like the story inside each tin. So with this in mind, the Fliegerlust spice tins were born in August 2020.

My boxing and martial arts partner (that's how I keep fit) worked with me as a graphic designer to implement my ideas. So we always discussed the first designs in the trunk of my car in the parking lot in front of the gym. Step by step, my idea developed further, until today's finished spice tins.

The first brightly colored tins traveled to friends and colleagues and immediately caused enthusiasm there. Exactly this enthusiasm and joy have finally encouraged me to offer my Fliegerlust tins with the exclusive spices also to you. I would like that the "Fliegerlust" awakenes in you too and that you can discover the big, wide world of taste.

Come with me

on the journey!

The Fliegerlust tins are there for all who, like me, have a desire for travel, adventure, cooking and delicious food with friends. Even if you're looking for an unusual gift or want to go on a culinary journey yourself at your dinner, you'll have fun with the Fliegerlust tins and spices. Join my journey! Go with your Fliegerlust tin on an exciting and extraordinary taste journey and discover the world! I wish you a lot of fun!

Yours, Petra

Memories of

unforgettable moments

Who would have thought that my spice tins would eventually travel to the big wide world!!! I look forward to hearing from you and your adventures with Fliegerlust. Feel free to send me your pictures.

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